Future Care is a provider of national and international medical care management services. The company assists medical claims payers in adapting cost containment and medical care management solutions to the environment mandated by the U.S. Federal Jones Act, the International Seafarer's Law, Workers Compensation and International Healthcare.

Our Caring for the Crew® program: 24-hour medical advice at sea, meeting MLC compliance Title IV.

Company Profile and Client Testimonials

Future Care offers medically directed case management services and programs and works directly with our shipowners, employers and their respective P&I Clubs and Insurance Companies. Future Care's 24/7 First Response "Caring for the Crew" program provides the shipowner with opportunities for medical cost containment under his deductible and over his deductible, throughout the world. Our "Caring for the Employee" and "Caring for the International Traveler" programs follow the same set of protocols and service provisions for managing medical care and cost.

The Future Care team consists of Nurses, Physicians, Medical Case Managers and Preferred Medical Networks, dedicated to controlling costs and ensuring quality care. This minimizes the time it takes for the injured or ill crewmember/employee to return to work safely upon full recovery or to be repatriated home. Future Care assigns a specially trained physician and care manager to monitor and supervise the crewmember/employee’s illness or injury.

Future Care’s CEO Christina DeSimone pioneered and developed the original Managed Care solutions which have evolved into the current industry's Medical Cost Containment techniques. The company is committed to building an integrated medical solution to maximize the quality of medical care and the appropriateness of cost for care for the international business community.

Working internationally for our customers, all services emanate from Future Care's offices located in New York City and Athens, Greece. For further information, please e-mail info@futurecareinc.com. EOF.