March 24, 2022

How Future Care realizes OPEX Savings for Shipowners

We recently sat down with Future Care’s Business Development Director, Lucy Sofronis.

Based between Athens and London, Lucy has worked for Future Care for over 8 years, providing medical and wellbeing solutions for seafarers worldwide.

Throughout her time at Future Care she has witnessed all manner of cases and scenarios. Watch the videos below to hear Lucy talk about the ways in which Future Care saves ship owners, managers and P&I clubs money through real examples and cases.


About Future Care

Future Care makes up the commercial maritime division of International SOS, find out more about the shared vision of the two companies:


Cost Containment

Delivering the best available care to seafarers at the best possible price for ship owners is at the heart of what we do at Future Care.

Hear about out how we realize OPEX savings for ship owners and operators below:


How Future Care Works in Practice

Vessels can often be diverted unnecessarily due to medical incidents which can incur huge costs for the ship owners and operators.

Hear two real client examples about how we have avoided unnecessary diversions, as well as provided crucial emotional support to seafarers at a time where it was most needed.


How telehealth can prevent Covid-19 outbreaks

Whilst Covid-19 has featured less frequently in the media over the past few months – the risks are still present, the virus continues to spread worldwide and ship owners need to mitigate the risks of an outbreak wherever possible.

Hear from Lucy about how a telemedical service can not only prevent outbreaks onboard but provide the necessary guidance and information required.


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