Delivering Peace of mind for your crew at sea

Our 24/7 telemedical support service connects the ship’s captain or medical officer with a physician, helping them to diagnose and treat emergency and routine crew medical issues with advice and information, tailored to remote maritime environments.  

Through the service we are able to:  

  • Reduce recovery time and quicken (or) expedite the seafarer’s return to duty
  • Postpone or eliminate the necessity of shoreside treatment 
  • Avoid unnecessary and costly deviation or emergency evacuations. 
For clients enrolled in our Caring for the Crew Program, Future Care also keep an inventory of the ship’s medical chest, enabling us to to provide medication recommendations, wherever possible. 


Of the calls we receive are solved onboard. We help our clients avoid costly detours and deviations


Crew members have access to our services,


P&I Clubs have strong relationships with Future Care

Case studies

Estimated Savings: $10,000+ (Shoreside examination, unnecessary medications, possible repatriation and crew substitution)
Mozambique, at Sea. Crewmember presented with symptoms of a severe allergic reaction onboard the vessel during a discharge of wheat in Maputo, Mozambique. The crewman experienced severe difficulty breathing and due to local strikes and demonstrations shoreside, medical attention was not available.

The shipowner contacted Future Care, who assigned a Physician Advisor to provide remote diagnosis and assistance. They instructed that the crewman was to receive oxygen onboard ship as soon as possible and at regular intervals thereafter.

The crewmember’s symptoms resolved and a shore side examination, which had been scheduled for the following day, was cancelled. The crewman recovered completely and returned to his shipboard duties.
Estimated Savings: $75,000+ (Avoided deviation/medical evacuation)
South Africa, At Sea: A crew member presented with symptoms of Angina so captain made preparations to dock at the nearest port.

The Shipowner contacted Future Care who remotely provided a thorough review of the crewman’s symptoms and subjective impressions, concluding that interim treatment could be provided onboard and that it was not necessary to deviate the ship.

Over the following week, until arrival in Durban, South Africa Future Care provided ongoing advice to the patient. Upon arrival at port, the medical team indicated the need for a cardiac angiogram. The crewmember wished to return to the US for this, so cleared the crewmember for travel and an angiogram was scheduled and performed in the US. A Future Care case manager was assigned to manage the aftercare.

Estimated Savings: Several days delay
New Orleans, USA.During a voyage from an east African port to the U.S. east coast several crewmembers reported experiencing fever and flu-like symptoms.

The shipowner, fearing an outbreak of Ebola and/or contagious disease onboard the ship contacted Future Care who maintained constant contact with the captain and crew and provided medical advice as the ship proceeded toward the U.S.

Future Care’s Physician Advisor assisted the shipowner in communicating with the U.S. authorities, including the U.S. Coast Guard and the Center for Disease Control (CDC), in allowing the ship to continue to the port of New Orleans.

Upon arrival in New Orleans the authorities imposed a crew quarantine pending testing results and ultimately CDC approval. The Physician Advisor and Future Care medical case management team arranged for an emergency launch to bring the necessary medical personnel to the ship and conduct the appropriate testing.

The testing results proved to be negative for Ebola or other infectious disease, although one crewmember was diagnosed with hepatitis A. Future Care’s case manager was assigned to monitor the crewmember’s hepatitis treatment. The seafarer was stabilized and thereafter successfully repatriated.
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