Telemedicine and the broader concept of Telehealth involves the use of electronic communication to provide diagnosis and/or clinical care, advice and information from the medical provider to the patient or care-giver in a remote location. For the specialized requirements of the ship’s captain and/or medical officer seeking help in responding to medical issues arising onboard ship Future Care developed its unique Physician Advice at Sea program


Our Physician Advice At Sea program is the result of Future Care’s over 24 years’ experience in formulating medical management protocols specifically designed for the maritime community’s singular needs. Our global network of physicians and other treatment providers are expert in remotely evaluating shipboard injury and illness. They are adept in advising the ship’s captain as to whether onboard treatment is sufficient and consistent with the highest quality care necessary, or if land-based treatment and/or emergency evacuation or deviation is required. Future Care provides specialist physicians in a wide array of disciplines, as required, including cardiologists, orthopedists and diving recovery, to name but a few, to advise and assist the ship’s captain with onboard diagnosis and treatment options .


In many instances, our physician advisors are able to remotely diagnose and advise the Captain how to treat the seafarer onboard the vessel, using the ship’s medicine chest. Future Care’s physician advisors, together with the Captain’s and the crewman’s unanimous agreement, frequently are able to clear the seafarer to return to duty, without ever leaving the ship. This result not only provides the mariner with peace of mind, it saves the shipowner the considerable costs associated with shoreside medical treatment, including medical provider fees, transportation and labor down time, some or all of which may be direct out-of-pocket expenditures.


By providing immediate medical diagnosis and treatment advice to the ship’s Captain Future Care’s Physician Advice At Sea initiative promotes crew health and saves the shipowner money below his insurance deductible or that is otherwise non reimbursable. When medically appropriate, treating shipboard injury or illness onboard can shorten recovery time, postpone or eliminate the necessity of shore-side treatment, and avoid costly and unnecessary deviation or emergency evacuations.


Unlike free government telemedical services, or some of those run by individual hospitals, Future Care’s Physician Advice At Sea is part of a complete management response to shipboard medical needs. Our Continuity of Care program assures that the seafarer’s medical treatment is managed from onboard the ship to the hospital through repatriation and convalescence. Future Care’s medical case management and other services incorporated in our Caring for the Crew® program ensure that treatment is efficiently and timely managed throughout all phases, by the same team that is familiar with the crewman’s condition from the onset of the incident.


For vessel operators enrolled in our Caring for the Crew® program, we will assign a physician or nurse case manager, to co-ordinate admission to our network hospital or other treatment facility; review course of treatment with the shore-based providers through to discharge; arrange out-patient care, accommodation, and repatriation, arrange for provision of medications, and monitor the crewmember’s post discharge therapy and physician visits until maximum medical care is realized, as appropriate.


Future Care’s Physician Advice At Sea program reduces the shipowner’s overall medical claims cost, both below and above the insurance deductible. Future Care’s telemedical program reduces costly litigation through improving the speed and quality of medical care provided to the shipowner’s crew.


Future Care’s Physician Advice At Sea program literally saves lives.




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