Future Care and Milbros/Q88 celebrate three years of having jointly developed and run their medical care and cost management program to benefit Milbros Onboard Subscribers and their crews in the management of healthcare.  Milbros Onboard Subscribers benefit by having 24/7 access to Future Care’s Contact Center, staffed by physicians, nurses and other medical professionals available to provide expert advice to the ship’s captain or medical officer at sea.  Future Care’s medical case management and cost oversight also extends to shore based treatment, including hospitalization, repatriation and convalescent treatment until the crewman returns to Fit for Duty or reaches maximum medical improvement.


Future Care is very excited to announce that in 2018 we formed MedSea Asia Limited, a Future Care subsidiary to hold and manage our substantial new Asia business. We have also entered into a joint venture with International SOS (ISOS) a world leading travel assistance and medical management company with offices and resources throughout the world.  ISOS’ expertise and assets allow Future Care and our MedSea Asia subsidiary to bring unequaled strength of service to our clients and crewmembers across five continents, with 26 Assistance Centers, over 11,000 employees and 92 offices.  The combined assets include 1,400 physicians, 56 international clinics, an internal travel tracking team network of 80,000 accredited third-party providers with 99 languages supported.  The team is ISO 9001:2008 accredited across all business lines.


Future Care has over 20 years’ experience in managing the shipboard medical response in emergency situations, including injury and illness, as well as more routine health considerations. Whether emergency evacuation is required or the problem can be resolved onboard, Future Care’s staff can provide the necessary medical advice and arrangements to respond correctly and efficiently. Future Care routinely works with all the major the P&I Clubs, other insurers, correspondents, port agents and other maritime professionals in responding to crew medical requirements. Future Care’s physicians are trained in occupational and maritime medicine and numerous specialty disciplines. Future Care’s medical and support staff is available to you 24/7, around the world, to respond to urgent and routine medical and health care issues.


Future Care Services for Milbros Onboard Subscribers include


Physician Advice at Sea(telemedicine): Future Care’s physician advisors will provide medical diagnosis and treatment options, communicating with the captain or medical officer while at sea until the complaint, emergency or routine, is resolved onboard or the crewman is transferred to a shoreside facility.


Medical Case Management Shoreside Future Care’s physician and nurse case managers will manage shoreside treatment, through discharge repatriation and convalescent treatment.  Our medical staff will identify qualified medical/rehabilitation facilities in the crewman’s home country, arrange for medication, and maintain contact with the crewmember until recover is complete.


Booking of Shoreside Medical Appointments Future Care’s medical staff will identify qualified medical/rehabilitation facilities within our network, as available, at the next port; arrange the appointment, coordinate transportation with the port agent and follow up with the treatment provider and crewman, as necessary.


Medical Bill Review/AuditFuture Care’s medical audit staff will review and/or attempt to negotiate a reduction of charges assessed by medical care providers and incurred in the United States.  There is no out of pocket charge for this service; the fee is 25% of any savings achieved for the Milbros Onboard Subscriber.


Fees for services, which are severable, are stated in the Future Care purchase order.


For services, emergency or routine, Milbros Onboard Subscribers should please Email: firstresponse@futurecareinc.com. You may also utilize our Call Line: +1 917-579-0257; Alternate Line: + 1 917-432-2400.  Thereafter please download the Future Care’ Milbros Onboard Subscribers purchase order, check the boxes next to services requested, sign and initial the reverse side and return to firstresponse@futurecareinc.com.


Future Care also offers Milbros Onboard Subscribers other medical management services, including a shipboard wellness program. For additional information please contact info@futurecareinc.com or see our website home page / services https://futurecareinc.com/