Maritime Medical Case Management or MCM refers to the program developed and administered by Future Care for the professional oversight of medical treatment. Elements of the program include the assignment of a Future Care licensed physician or nurse as a case manager to communicate with the attending physicians, hospital staff and crewmember, to review and monitor medical treatment, maintain contact with the crewmember during the course of treatment, and to assist in the coordination of the arrangements for the crewmember’s release and/or repatriation, if applicable, when medically certified as fit for discharge or fit to travel.

Continuity of Care

When a ship is enrolled in our Caring for the Crew® program, our entire team responds from the moment that the crewmember reports a medical issue onboard ship, anywhere around the globe. In serious cases, our medical case managers work closely with our physician advisors to assist the Captain in managing the recommended response and treatment plan for hospitalization or other on-shore treatment.

The medical case manager will identify and steer the crewmember to an appropriate facility, coordinate admission, make the necessary transportation and other arrangements together with the port agent, transmit the physician advisory records of treatment, among other first steps. The maritime medical case manager will contact the treatment team and review medical options. The MCM will also communicate with the crewmember and his or her family, as requested, and explain the proposed course of treatment. Finally, the maritime medical case manager reports all relevant developments to the shipowner, P&I Club and others, as directed.

In cases involving extended convalescence, the Future Care MCM will supervise treatment after hospital discharge, including local outpatient treatment or upon repatriation. The case manager monitors the crewmember’s compliance with prescribed medications/therapy, arranges appointments and maintains communication with the crewmember, coordinating with medical providers to plan a timely return to Fit for Duty status or maximum medical cure.

The presence of a licensed physician or nurse maritime medical case manager acts as the “face” of the medical care being provided by the shipowner to the injured or ill seafarer. His or her knowledgeable attendance throughout hospitalization and convalescence is a reminder of the shipowner’s concern and creates goodwill between employer and employee, reducing the likelihood of claims and litigation.

Finally, the maritime medical case manager’s professional interaction and oversight of the treatment team’s prescription acts to foster efficiency of treatment, reduces hospital stay and number of unnecessary medical procedures, thereby greatly reducing cost.




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