August 27, 2021

How the Future Care-International SOS partnership is maximizing seafarer access to global healthcare

Christina DeSimone, President and CEO of Future Care and the Medsea companies, is delighted with the way that the two-year partnership with International SOS has enhanced Future Care’s resources and global reach for the world’s seafaring community. Building on Future Care’s impressive existing medical staff and network, the International SOS combined resources offer our clients an additional 5,200 medical professionals and 26 added assistance centers, plus many additional advantages.

As many as 40,000 mariners under Future Care and/or Medsea management benefit from the partnership’s increased telemedicine capability, delivering 24/7 remote physician advice while onboard ship, at sea, no matter the day or time. This increased capacity has come at a crucial juncture for the working seafarer, with the covid pandemic in full swing. The demand for telemedical services has and continues to be unprecedented – with Future Care seeing a 30% increase in service usage.

Now a fully-fledged part of the International SOS group of companies, Future Care and International SOS continue to strengthen their relationship through shared infrastructure, knowledge and resources, increasing the levels of service our clients receive.

But how will this impact our ship owners, managers and P&I Club clients, and what changes can they expect to see over the next few years?

Three significant benefits of the Future Care-International SOS partnership:


  1. Improved medical pricing

The International SOS medical provider network is unrivalled and their dedicated team regularly verifies the quality of onshore medical providers through rigorous quality assurance processes. Future Care’s access to this network not only means that client shipowners and their Clubs will receive the best available medical referrals, they will also realize cost savings when shoreside treatment for crew is needed, through:

  • Combined negotiating strength of the two companies
  • International SOS preferential rates

These savings will, of course, be passed on to Future Care and the Medsea clients, reducing the ship owner’s and the Club’s crew medical costs.


  1. Client insight tools

International SOS constantly evaluate the latest technologies to help achieve strategic goals and better assist their clients. In real terms, this means adherence to a comprehensive technology roadmap.

As part of our partnership, any new International SOS product developments will also be considered with our clients in mind, for use within their operations and currently in the pipeline are tools which assist in risk prediction and analysis.

Future Care clients will also soon have access to additional technology infrastructure, like client portals, to provide improved operational overview.


  1. Improved data security and analysis

Future Care is now integrated into the internal systems of International SOS, which include their case management application NewCase. NewCase is a robust ISO certified medical data collection platform.

For our maritime customers, this will provide the latest in:

  • Data security
  • Data privacy
  • Audit trails and record-keeping, in turn providing cleaner data for analysis regarding crew illness and injuries
  • Automation and productivity


What the future holds for maritime telehealth

We are excited to progress our partnership with International SOS. Existing clients will see no change to their current service, and we look forward to sharing further updates about how the partnership will benefit you in due course.

If you have any questions, please contact your Account Manager and if you would like to find out more about Future Care’s products and services, we would be more than happy to assist and you can contact us here.