For over 25 years Future Care has provided medical services to the Maritime industry.

The company was founded in 1998 by Christina DeSimone, who brought her unique brand of medical case management for land-based employees directly to shipowners and ship managers and their insurers to better manage the medical care of their crews.

Future Care has grown rapidly since then, filling a need in the maritime community for expert management of seafarers’ shipboard and shoreside medical treatment around the globe, reducing the shipowner’s costs.

To find out how Future Care can help Shipowners and their P&I Clubs improve the quality of treatment of their seafarers’ physical and mental health, protect and respond to the risks of Covid-19, significantly reduce medical and related costs and much more, head over to our Caring for the Crew page


4,000+ vessels

Have access to Future Care services

13 P&I Clubs

Have strong links with Future Care

80,000+ Crew

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Future Care

An International SOS Company

For over two years Future Care has worked closely with International SOS, the partnership has numerous benefits for our customers, including beneficial medical pricing, client insight tools and enhanced data security. Together we aim to increase seafarer access to medical support across the maritime industry.

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