Protect your crew from covid-19 health risks

Testing Solutions

Whether you need to arrange crew vaccinations, coordinate Covid-19 testing or receive specialist consultation and advice for the needs of your vessel(s) or itinerary, our medical team is skilled in mitigating Covid-19 health risks for the maritime industry. 

Future Care arrange over 300 Covid tests a month for their Maritime clients, offering a range of flexible testing solutions, including: 

  • Onboard PCR Testing – made possible by our Global Assistance Network of 92,000+ medical providers
  • Supply of Antigen tests
  • Testing recommendations and advice  
Our team understand the particular challenges, as well as the urgency required in coordinating testing in the Maritime community. Read below how we recently enabled one client to avoid a potential delay to their vessel’s journey. 
Coordinating testing to avoid a delayed departure
A client reached out to Future Care to arrange a PCR test of a crewmember in Manila, joining the vessel in Tokyo.

Overcoming a number of difficulties, which included: obtaining COVID travel certification, visa issues, time restraints and coordinating across different time zones the Medical Case Management team expertly oversaw each of these issues, to ensure that the crewmember was able to make his flight and board the vessel, saving a delay to the scheduled departure.

I have worked with Future Care for a number of years I have always been impressed by their professionalism and  quality of care and advise. 

I’ve seen them be instrumental in getting crewmembers to medical care facilities around the world and their follow-up ethic is unimpeachable. 

I could have never imagined that a medical care provider would go so far out of their way to make sure a crewmember made his flight.

On behalf of myself, and this vessel, and my company, I would like to extend my most profound gratitude. You may not have known it, but your following up on this matter has enabled this vessel to sail on time and meet her schedule! That is no small accomplishment!

Again, Dr. Sangria, thank you very much for all of your help and assistance in this matter. I quite honestly cannot thank you enough!”

Quote from Captain

Vaccination support

Future Care recently met the challenge of coordinating vaccinations for a large tanker operator with 4 ships located at the Louisiana Offshore Port (LOOP).

Only accessible via a 45 minute helicopter ride, meticulous planning was required, which meant considering: location access issues, flight schedule and the pilot’s presence while the nurse was onsite.

It also involved sourcing an available nurse from Future Care’s trusted provider network willing to travel the distance by helicopter.

The nurse was safely transported to and from the platform and crewmembers were inoculated as scheduled and provided with CDC vaccination cards and later electronic proof of vaccination.

Short stays at port only provide a small window of opportunity to observe potential vaccination side effects upon the seafarer and Future Care ensure detailed audit trails, essential not only in organizing vaccinations but also ensuring the necessary vaccination monitoring and follow-up.

Arranging crew member vaccinations
Vaccinations are one of the best ways we have to mitigate the risks of COVID.

Ship operators looking to arrange vaccinations for their crew can face a number of logistical difficulties, exacerbated by the fact that many countries are still not allowing for the disembarkation of mariners.

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