November 19, 2019

Future Care CEO Ms. Christina DeSimone Speaks at the Fort Lauderdale Marine Club Seminar

Jersey City, NJ, November 11, 2019. – Future Care’s CEO Christina DeSimone recently presented as a keynote speaker at the Fort Lauderdale Marine Club (FLMC) Seminar on October 29th Fort Lauderdale, Florida, hosted by Fort Lauderdale Mariners Club. Ms. DeSimone was on the Panel addressing “Knowledge after the injury: Oh my aching back!”


Ms. DeSimone focused on the discussions of how the early intervention of an experienced medical case manager reduces the chances of a medical issue or injury escalating above the actual value of the crew medical claim and escalating into litigation.


“Our team works together to assist the ship’s captains with our telemedical service, Physician Advice at Seaand with crew logistics coordination to medical facilities ashore”.  Ms. DeSimone added, “We have developed vetted medical providers globally to ensure the highest level of care available in the port can be provided.”


Besides an explanation of Future Care’s early intervention protocols together with medical case management of land-based treatment through to a return to FFD/MMI, Ms. DeSimone also recommended a few medical strategies to shipowners, shipmanagers, captains, insurers and  maritime attorneys.


  1. Early telemedical physician advice to onboard ship’s Captain/medical officer
  2. Coordinate shipboard treatment until crewmember issue resolved or disembarked
  3. Management of repatriation
  4. Mitigate both medical consequence and claims
  5. Early Intervention strategies can resolve minor issues onboard or escalate treatment in more serious matter.



Pictured (left to right): Christina DeSimone, Allison Kelly President of US Maritime Consultants and maritime personal injury attorney Adria Notari on the panel discussing managing personal injury claim and litigation topics.


About Future Care Inc

Future Care is an international medical management and cost containment service provider exclusively to the maritime industry, serving shipowners and P&I Clubs in fulfilling the medical needs of seafarers, aboard ship and on land. The Company was founded in 1998 by CEO and President Christina DeSimone, who brought her unique brand of medical case management for land-based employees directly to shipowners and ship managers, to better manage the medical care of their crews. Future Care has grown rapidly since then, filling a need in the maritime community for expert management of seafarers’ medical treatment and services around the globe, including telemedical advice to the ship’s captain/medical officer while at sea.


About FLMC

The Fort Lauderdale Mariner’s Club first met at the Cafe De Geneve on March 2, 1989.  The Club is a non-profit, non-political organization devoted to the promotion of friendly association among its members, encourage high standards of business practice throughout the community and to provide a forum to improve the marine industry in South Florida.