Crewmember transferred to private hospital in Greece in comatose condition due to cerebral lesions and was treated for a fungal cerebral infection. Crewmember was inpatient for over 110 days.

Due to the rarity of the crewmember’s condition diagnosis was difficult. Future Care’s medical case manager retained infectious disease specialist physicians to consult with and review the hospital’s treatment team’s initial diagnosis. The medical case manager engaged the microbiology laboratory of the University of Athens to analyze blood samples and assist in the resulting diagnosis of the crewman’s condition.

The crewmember developed a pulmonary embolism and pneumonia while hospitalized, for which he was treated successfully. During the lengthy hospitalization, Future Care’s medical case manager closely monitored and managed treatment.

Initial charges: $326,848.00 USD

Total reductions:  $65,369.60 USD

Total Amount due: $261,478.40 USD

Percentage of Savings: 20%