Location: Mozambique

Incident: A US crewmember presented with symptoms of a severe allergic reaction onboard the vessel during a discharge of wheat in Maputo, Mozambique. The crewman experienced severe difficulty with breathing. The port agent stated that shore side medical attention was not immediately available due to a local strike and demonstrations.

The shipowner contacted Future Care, who assigned a Physician Advisor to provide remote diagnosis and assistance. The Physician Advisor immediately made contact with the ship and instructed that the crewman was to receive oxygen onboard ship as soon as possible and at regular intervals thereafter. The crewmember’s symptoms resolved and a shore side examination, which had been scheduled for the following day, was cancelled. The crewman recovered completely and returned to his shipboard duties…

Estimated Savings through Future Care Intervention: potentially severe medical consequences due to allergic reaction; a shore side examination, unnecessary medications, lost time, possible repatriation and crew substitution; a minimum of $10,000.