In an effort to help the maritime industry prevent the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19), Future Care is extending the services offered through its Medical Clearance and First Response Programs to include COVID-19 screening for both crewmembers and non-crewmembers prior to boarding. Pre-board screening is essential in keeping COVID-19 off the ships and to prevent the spread of the virus to the crew already onboard. Through our review of pre-board screening questionnaires by trained medical professionals, we can offer recommendations on whether an individual or crewmember is safe to board the ship. We are also prepared to investigate any areas of concern on the pre-boarding questionnaires before an individual or crewmember is cleared to board the vessel and will offer medical advice on next steps regarding treatment and testing if an individual has any COVID-19 symptoms or risk factors. COVID-19 screen is offered as part of Future Care’s Medical Clearance Program which also includes review of pre-boarding crew medical documents and coordination of physicals and vaccines as needed. For those not enrolled in our Medical Clearance program, we are also offering COVID-19 screening as a stand-alone service through our First Response Program.

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Should an onboard illness occur, Future Care can help by offering support for your crew though our First Response team which is available 24/7 to connect your ship to trained physicians and medical professionals who are prepared to offer expert medical advice. Our team of medical professionals is monitoring the ongoing COVID-19 situation and is ready to offer advice based on the most current medical data and recommendations available. In the event that a crewmember requires extended care monitoring or hospitalization, our team of Medical Case Managers is standing by to help coordinate their care and monitor their condition.


Future Care is here to ensure that you have the most up-to-date information on the COVID-19 outbreak. We provide regular bulletins with updates on the COVID-19 situation including the most current recommendations from WHO and the CDC, and we are here to support your team with any questions that they may have regarding procedures and measures to prevent and combat COVID-19.


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