27/7 First Response

Whether seeking emergency or routine assistance, within minutes of the Captain’s request our First Response team assesses the crewmember’s situation and directs to the appropriate physician, specialist or case manager, as needed.

Physician Advice at Sea

Our experienced team of maritime physicians specializes in monitoring and managing care at sea, expertly assisting the ship’s captain or medical officer in diagnosing and treating the medical problem miles away from shore.

Medical Case Management

Future Care’s physician and nurse case managers’ understanding of both medicine and the maritime community brings a unique competence to the seafarer’s treatment and care.

Audit / Medical Bill Review

Future Care’s specialized auditing team’s combined total of 119 years working in healthcare enables us to easily navigate and adapt to the rapidly changing global medical billing environment.

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Future Care's

Caring For the Crew® Program

Future Care’s Caring for the Crew® Program encompasses all the services and procedures that we utilize globally in the management of seafarer illnesses, injuries and overall healthcare both at sea and on land.

Christina Desimone
Founder & CEO

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